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small gestures speak loud words


… I gotta admit that I got extremely emotional during that part of Ayato’s and Laito’s conversation in the new CD, thinking 'yes why didn't you reach out to Ayato you idiot' but then I realized that Laito’s choice was what protected them in the end.

Knowing how Ayato can be, he probably would’ve ended up doing something reckless if Laito had shown weakness. They were still young and one can only imagine the punishment Ayato would’ve received as a result… Laito knew that Ayato knew. Feeling angry and helpless, he could’ve said something, but he didn’t let Ayato get involved. That purity he was so jealous of because it was ripped from him, he wouldn’t have let Cordelia take it too. Succumbing and letting himself be soiled, learning to ”enjoy” it protected not only him from completely crumbling, but also his brothers. He does take the oldest-brother-role at times, if in his own ways…

(and thinking about stuff like this just makes me really sad haha… there is a lot more to Laito once people bother to look behind the mask and thiscdissoimportantokaythankyourejettheyneedmoremomentsliketheseugh)


This was for a side project, but it’s not really what I want. So! Random eruri.


You okay there, Haruka?

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im rly bad at this game